Well, Christmas is almost here and we’re getting ready. We’re looking forward to this first Christmas as parents. Gaby has already been attracted to the bright colors on the wrapping paper and the lights on the tree. Mitch has most of the gifts wrapped, and Gaby is busy figuring out how to crawl. She’s got the army crawl down and gets up on all fours. We just don’t have a full-fledged crawler yet. I guess she thinks, “Why crawl? I can roll anywhere I need to go.” As you can see from the pictures, she’s really close to crawling. It is so much fun seeing what new things she does every day. I have one more class (and a 10-page economic policy brief to complete) and I will have my first Master’s course under my belt. I’m sure you’ve guessed, we’ve been pretty busy lately. It’s hard to believe that Gaby is 7 1/2 months old already! I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! We’re all looking foreward to Christmas!