January 2007

We are so excited! Gab has started crawling and said her first word.

She’s been pulling up on everything for a couple of weeks now, so we started wondering if she would just kind of skip crawling and go straight to walking. Tuesday night she finally crawled. She prefers to have her pants off when crawling (we guess that it’s easier for her that way). She’s also started pulling up in her crib. So for the last two mornings when I go in and get her out of bed, she greets me with her head peeking overthe rail of her crib and with a big smile on her face. It’s a wonderful sight.

Her first word, as we expected, was “Ike.” She loves him, and ever since she started the army crawl she’s followed him around as best she can. She got real excited last night she blurted out “IKE!” Then she said it several more times. This afternoon when I picked her up from Linda’s, I had Gab show off her new trick. Blake was impressed and then asked if she could say Oreo (the name of Linda’s dog). It was too cute!

Now if we can get some teeth in and get over this cold.


We’re a little slow updating everyone, but here are some Christmas pictures. We had Christmas Eve at both grandparents’ houses. Then, we had Christmas morning at home. Gaby wasn’t too interested in opening presents, but she did want to play with her toys. She’s having a lot of fun playing with all her new stuff. These are a few of the pictures.