Our offices were at noon today, so my mini vacation (at home) started a few hours early. My favorite Chinese restaurant was closed so I met Linda (Mitch’s mom), Jess (Mitch’s cousin) and, of course, Gaby at the second choice. Although it was my second choice, the food was great. By the way, Gab loves Egg Drop Soup and the peas from the fried rice. After we filled our bellies with rice and various fried foods, Gaby and I stuffed ourselves into our bathing suits, slathered on the sunscreen and ventured out on the deck for some back yard swimming. She had a blast. Obviously, she had too much fun because she never got settled down for a nap and went to bed by 7:00. We’re looking forward to tomorrow. Mitch and I are dropping Gaby off at my mom and dad’s for the morning while we meet our neighbor for a golf outing. My first time out in two years–wish me luck.

So, with the early bedtime, I have some time to get a few projects going that I’ve been itching to start. I’ve been absolutely inspired by other blogs I’ve been reading. These women are amazing sewers, knitters, crafters, you name it–all while they go about their varied, busy lives. So, I thought, why don’t I join them and share some of my projects along with the stories that go with them.

The pictures above are of fabric and the pattern for a floor pillow I’m going to make for Gaby. It is pretty shades of pink, that will last her for a long time (not too little girl). Ike is our wonderfully patient Lab, and Gab loves to lay on Ike’s floor pillows. When I saw a pattern for this pillow I knew my girl had to have it. The pattern is an Amy Butler pattern I picked up while visiting my sister, Jessie, a couple weekends ago. Each petal on the flower is going to be made from a different pink fabric. Right now I’m taking a break from ironing all the fabric before I can even get started with the fun part. Wish me luck. I know the girl will love it.