I picked up my china painting brush to work on a gift for my mom’s birthday. She collects tea pots, so now with a little granddaughter, I thought she needed a personalized tea set for two. This project came together so easily; I wondered why it has been so long since I’ve picked up a paint brush. The lavender oil in my painting medium is so relaxing and when the paint lands on the piece just right the first time, I feel a great sense of satisfaction each time I pull a piece out of the kiln. I really need to paint more often. Enough about me.

Gaby’s floor pillow is done and she loves it! She loves to sit and read a book or play with toys on it. No more dog pillows for her. Luckily, we’ve been able to keep Ike off of it. This was my first major sewing project and I’m hooked. I’ve got lots of ideas for other things to make.

Gaby update: We go for her 15 month check-up in a few weeks, and I won’t be surprised if she’s lost a few pounds but grown an inch. The child runs everywhere she goes. Plus, I hear myself in the few things she does say. The other night she was standing up on the couch, jumping, and I said, “Gaby, on your bottom.” She plopped down, looked at me, and smiled as she said “Good girl.” I realized that every time I’ve told her to sit on her bottom, I’ve followed it with “Good girl.” She says “Hi” to everyone right now, and is quickly becoming Daddy’s girl. They are big-time pals. The time is going way too fast watching her grow up!