October 2007

Last week was my first week without any school work to do for a while.  I really enjoyed simply sitting around and doing nothing without feeling guilty.  It was really nice.  Now back to some semblance of reality because I have several handmade Christmas gifts I have to get started.  Yesterday I spent a few hours working on my youngest sister’s (Missy) gift.  It’s turning out really cute and coming together pretty quickly.  I’m pleased.  Also, I’m working my way up to the Amy Butler Weekender bag for my other sister (Jessie).  (She knows what she is getting because she picked out the fabric for the bag.)  From what I’ve read on other blogs this project could test my patience but will be completely worth it.  

In other Green family news, we had a great weekend visiting some friends.  Here’s some  back story for you: Mitch has been friends with Joe for about 15 years.  Interestingly Mitch and Joe’s wife Tasha went to grade school together, and Joe and I went to grade school together.  However, Mitch and I didn’t meet until I was a senior in high school because we had completely different circles of friends.  Anyhow, we have always enjoyed late nights just sitting around with them, playing cards, talking, whatever.  Since they had to move to Sedalia a couple of years ago, we haven’t really been able to have much fun adult time.  Anytime we get together someone has to go home and put kids to bed.  So we stayed Friday night at their house, all the kids went to bed pretty early, and the adults stayed up way too late having too much fun.  It was so nice.  So, thanks again Joe, Tasha, Julia and Cody for letting us stay the weekend.  I don’t have any pictures because neither Tasha nor I thought to pull out our cameras.  Oh, well. 



Seven years ago today, I woke up at one of my oldest girlfriend’s house to her mom making us pancakes and to one of the worst migraines I had experienced to date.  We ate breakfast, and Jenny drove me to the salon to get my hair fixed.  As I sat there with half of the rollers removed, a wave of nausea hit.  I ran to the restroom, and hurled up all my breakfast.  I stopped vomiting long enough to finish having my hair fixed.  Then my sisters took me to the ER because I was in so much pain and couldn’t quit getting sick. 

Imagine, a bride-to-be, her sisters and grandmother at the ER hours before the wedding.  Those were good times.  Anyhow, after some drugs and talking the doctor out of Phenergen to stop the nausea, I made it to the church with none of the guests the wiser.  Later my youngest sister, Missy, confessed she had visions of my wedding day turning into the movie Sixteen Candles,you know, the whole bride being unable to walk down the aisle.  Regardless, the wedding was beautiful.  The rain held off until all the food was brought in for the reception.  And, the past seven years have been wonderful. 

 The best part of a crazy wedding day…this little chick.  She is too much fun!