So, I’ve taken an unexpected, but necessary, blog break.  The legislative session is over.  I’m not sure if it is because this was my second session or what other reason there might be, but it seemed to fly. 

As a family, we’ve had lots of things happen, but nothing major.  I’ve signed up to run a half marathon in October with my sisters (hopefully) and some friends from work.  It’s in Kansas City, so we’re going to make a nice girls weekend out of the occasion.  We recently had Gaby’s 2nd birthday party.  This was a great party with many of our friends and family.  I’m really looking forward to this summer and fall.  We have planted a small garden, which is a satisfying feeling.  It will be nice to know some of the food we put on our plates will have been grown at home.  We are going to spend a quick weekend in Branson in June with my family.  I’m heading to New Orleans in July to attend a conference for work.  I’ve never been there, so I’m excited about this trip.  Then in September I have a cousin getting married in Wisconsin, so we’ll be traveling north for the event. 

Finally, I’m looking forward to having some time this summer for my more crafty endeavors.  I still have this nagging thought in the back of my mind that I have talents that aren’t being used by my current desk job.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like what I do now, but I just feel like I could be doing more.  So, stay tuned.  This summer, I plan on experimenting with some ideas rattling around in my head.