Well, in the past couple of months we’ve had a lot going on.  Gaby turned 2!  I can’t believe it.  Our little girl is growing so fast.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of her birthday. 

IMG_2056  IMG_2054_edited-1

IMG_2064_edited-1  IMG_2038


This weekend one of her favorite sayings is “No, way!” 

Me: “Gaby, do you want some milk?”

Gaby: “No, way!”

Me: “Gaby, do you want to eat dinner?”

Gaby: “No, way!”

Me: “Gaby, do you want to go outside?”

Gaby: “Swing?”

Me: “Yep.”

Gaby: “Let’s go!”


Mitch and a couple of our neighbors got Gaby’s swing set finished a couple weeks ago.  So we go out with suncreen, water, hat and sunglasses and swing for well over an hour.  I love having a two-year-old!