July 2008

Don’t get too excited because I’m not referring to us.  We have several friends with baby boys arriving in the next couple of months (one couple is at the hospital as I write).  I’m making some hand embroidered onesies and embellished burp cloths for the little ones.  Because, at least for my little one, I couldn’t have enough onesies and burp cloths.

For the embroidery I’m using patterns from Sublime Stitching and possibly some of my own.  For the burp cloths I picked up some cute blue fabrics to stitch to cloth diapers.  Here is a sample of the fabrics.  Wish me luck!


So far, so good on the garden growing.  We had an extreme amount of rain this spring so it looks like our zucchini are going to suffer, but the herbs, peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes are doing well.  We will, of course, can some salsa this year, but I think I’ll be able to make some pickles too.  This is the first tomato from the garden, an Early Girl.  She’s not that pretty and I picked her early because we have some rabbit issues.  If she tastes as good as the cucumbers do, then we’re in business!

The best things about having a garden:

  1. Mitch has decided he’ll eat fresh cucumbers in vinegar since they are close to pickles that way
  2. Home grown cucumbers are super sweet and are even better when sliced just off the vine
  3. My daughter actually ate a couple of cucumber slices.  We think it is because she is able to watch us working in the garden, pick the vegetables, and slice them after bringing them in
  4. Gardening is an activity Mitch and I can enjoy together

We are already planning on a larger garden next year with more vegetables and possibly some fruit.

So this post comes just over a week late, since my birthday was July 2.  I took a few days off work and just didn’t want to get on the computer at home.  I’m thirty, just got a new haircut, and am excited for what the next phase of my life will bring.  One of my coworkers was really upset last year when he hit 30, but I can’t say I feel the same.  I’m looking forward to this next decade.  Here’s the new haircut, I really like it.  I wanted a fresh cut for the new year.

We didn’t do a lot on my birthday, but we did have a shrimp boil with some friends on the 3rd.  Of course, I was too busy having fun to snap any pictures. 

I’ve seen other bloggers post similar lists, and since I am very much a list person I wanted to give it a go.  I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but a list that I can mark items off of as I complete them is certainly more my speed. 

Here goes: Thirty Things To Do When I’m Thirty

  1. Grow a garden without killing everything
  2. Sew at least 3 items of clothing for myself that are wearable
  3. Sew at least 3 items of clothing for Gaby that are wearable
  4. Paint more (and I don’t mean our home)
  5. Catch up Gaby’s scrapbook
  6. Give more handmade gifts
  7. Run 1/2 marathon
  8. Keep blog updated
  9. Send 3 items off for publication  (poems/stories/articles/etc)
  10. Make time at least 4 times a week for something creative
  11. Read 10 books that aren’t work or school related
  12. Eat out less
  13. Lose at least 15 pounds
  14. Organize and keep organized craft area
  15. De-clutter house
  16. Teach myself to knit
  17. Make something that isn’t from a pattern by someone else
  18. Put family favorite recipes into a book
  19. Paint Christmas china
  20. Write business plan
  21. Create Etsy account and sell something
  22. Get more active in the crafting community
  23. Sew another item for a contest
  24. Entertain more
  25. Try to figure out what I want to do when I grow up
  26. Then figure out how to make it happen
  27. Journal about 1/2 marathon training for writing later
  28. Keep a daily journal
  29. Take more pictures, not just of Gaby
  30. Realize I can do all of the above if I don’t get in my own way