So far, so good on the garden growing.  We had an extreme amount of rain this spring so it looks like our zucchini are going to suffer, but the herbs, peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes are doing well.  We will, of course, can some salsa this year, but I think I’ll be able to make some pickles too.  This is the first tomato from the garden, an Early Girl.  She’s not that pretty and I picked her early because we have some rabbit issues.  If she tastes as good as the cucumbers do, then we’re in business!

The best things about having a garden:

  1. Mitch has decided he’ll eat fresh cucumbers in vinegar since they are close to pickles that way
  2. Home grown cucumbers are super sweet and are even better when sliced just off the vine
  3. My daughter actually ate a couple of cucumber slices.  We think it is because she is able to watch us working in the garden, pick the vegetables, and slice them after bringing them in
  4. Gardening is an activity Mitch and I can enjoy together

We are already planning on a larger garden next year with more vegetables and possibly some fruit.