September 2008

Leinenkugel's Grounds by you.

This picture has no relevance to the post, I just find it peaceful.  This was taken on our recent trip to the Leinenkugel’s brewery in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. 

Two nights ago the ancient TV in our bedroom went out.  Those who know Mitch and I know that this TV has been a bone of contention in the bedroom since our marriage.  Mitch prefers to go to sleep to silence, but I got in the, admittedly, bad habit of needing to go to sleep with the TV on.  I enjoyed going to bed to shows on channels like History, Discovery, National Geographic, etc.  The noise drove Mitch crazy. 

Imagine my dismay when two nights ago the screen started rolling and to turn off the TV I had to unplug it.  My stomach sunk.  We tried it again last night, but couldn’t even get the set to turn on.  The funny thing is that a lamp doesn’t bother Mitch when going to sleep.  So I read a couple of chapters in my book, and easily went to sleep. 

This morning I woke up rested and said to Mitch, “Hey, why don’t we try no TV in the bedroom for a while.”  He was more than willing to entertain the idea.  We’ll see how tonight goes.  This will certainly help me reach my goal to read 10 books for the year.  Like I said in the title, blessing in disguise.


We are quite fortunate to have a great college football team within 30 minutes of our home.  We aren’t huge fans, don’t have season tickets, and don’t go to games.  However, I’ll gladly stop and watch an MU game when it’s on TV. 

One of the guys Mitch works with is a pretty big fan.  He’s also got a house at the Lake and asked if I could paint a sign with the MU logo for him to hang on his property.  I thought sure, an M, a tiger head, the word “MIZZOU”, how hard could that be.  Well a 4 foot by 4 foot sheet of plywood and several moments of frustration later, this is the result. 

Go Tigers by you.

I’m really happy with the sign.  I included one of the pictures with the Tahoe so you can see just how big this sucker is.  The sign is HUGE. 

MU Sign by you.

Now, let’s hope the Tigers have as good a year as they did last year.  Go Tigers!

Since the gift has been delivered and opened, I can post this.  I painted a plate for Jeanna and Brent to commemorate their wedding day.  The state flower of Wisconsin is the violet.  I love painting this flower and I really thing the plate turned out beautiful.  The pictures do not do it justice as I couldn’t get the camera to focus.  That’s probably because I took these at 2:00 in the morning when we planned to leave just three hours later at 5:00.  The plate was still warm from the kiln.  I was going to paint some bright red poppies, but I’m happy with the last minute change of plan. 

Wedding Gift by you.

Signature by you.

We just got back from a very quick trip to Wisconsin for a family wedding.  The leaves were just starting to change and the weather was perfect.  The only downfall was that we only had a couple of days and I felt rushed the entire time.  Gaby didn’t nap either day we were there, so she was ready for bed by 8 or 9 each night.  However, it was great to see my grandma, uncles, aunts, cousins, and various other family members. 

Here are pictures of my cousin Jeanna, her new husband Brent, and my uncle Gary.  She is beautiful ordinarily, but she made an even more beautiful bride.  To Gaby she was “Princess Jeanna.”  Very sweet coming from girl obsessed with princesses right now. 

First Dance by you.

Father-Daughter Dance by you.

Every time we tried to get a posed picture with Gaby, she was less than willing to cooperate.  Here is the best four generations picture we were able to get.  Gaby is screaming in the other one. 

Four Generations by you.

We got some nice pictures before the reception really got going.  It is odd how much my sisters and I resemble each other more with age. 

Family by you.

Sisters by you.

Jess and Gab by you.

Missy and Me by you.

But the reception was the best part.  Although she was tired, Gaby transformed into Gaby Green Dance Machine.  The child never slowed down.  She even tried to get out on the floor for the first and wedding party dances.  And, once anyone got on the dance floor with her, they couldn’t leave.  She had fun finding everyone and getting them back on the floor.  “Jessie, come here.  Missy, come here.”  And on, and on, and on.  When we got back to the hotel, she looked at me and said, “Mommy, I tired.”  Enough said. 

Gaby Dancing by you.

Gaby Green, Dance Machine by you.

Wedding Dance by you.

By the way, I love Jessie’s face in this picture.

We are family by you.

It was a great time.  Next time, I’d like to have more time and no event to attend.  That will make the trip even more enjoyable.

This post is for anyone wanting an update on the little girl.  It amazes me how much things have changed from a year ago.  Gaby’s always been very independent and this trait only continues to get stronger.  She’s able to communicate so much more.  It’s nice that she’s able to let me know when she’d like to have some juice or milk, when she’s ready for a snack and what she’d like for said snack.  This makes the constant trial and error parenting virtually obsolete. 

The girl is a sponge.  She can recite songs from her favorite Disney movies.  She quickly repeats new things she’s learned.  It just never ceases to amaze me. 

I also think she’s destined to be a performer of some sort.  She loves to sing and dance.  I got out one of my recital costumes from when I was a little girl.  It’s just a tad big on her, but absoultely adorable!  I find myself asking, what happend to my little baby and where did this girl come from. 

Costume by you.

Each day I’m reminded that being a mom it the best job I will ever have.  I love being a wife, my job that brings home money is great, but I wouldn’t trade my time as a mommy for anything.  Even when I hear: “No, that’s mine!”; “Go away, Mommy!”; or “Hey, Mommy!  Hey, Mommy!  Hey, Mommy!  What doing?”  Because for the last couple of nights as I lay her down for bed I hear her whisper, “Good night, Mommy.  I love you too.”

Here are some recent pictures, enjoy because I know I do! 

Costume by you.

Costume by you.

Mardi Gras Beads by you.

Don’t worry, immediately following the picture I removed the beads from her neck.  It was just too cute hearing her say “My necklace” each time she put on a new strand of beads.  I’m telling you the kid is a ham. 

I’ve been pretty absent around here lately.  This has simply been one of the busiest summers we’ve had (I’m sure they’ll only get more and more packed). One of the highlights of the summer was my work trip to New Orleans in July.  I’d never been there, and I had a blast.  

It was hot!  I know Missouri in July is hot and humid, but the air was so close it was difficult to breath at times.  However, this didn’t slow us down too much.  The crew that went on the trip were great to travel with.  We stayed just off Bourbon Street and walked almost everywhere.  We stayed up way too late and had way too much fun.  Here are some of my favorite pictures.  Oh and if you’re wondering,the close up is of beignetsfrom Cafe Du Monde at 10:00 on Friday evening before we left.  They were fabulous and of course I had to buy a package of beignet mix and coffee with chicory. 

Beignets  Bill, Marc, Me, Kristina   Uniformed Officers Day 3  Me, Marc, and Kristina  Uniformed Officers Day 1  Me  Kristina  Uniformed Officers Day 4

These pictures were taken last week between sick days.  This summer cold business has been tough on me and Gaby.  With all the rain and moderate weather we’ve had, the tomatoes just haven’t stopped. 

August Tomatoes by you.

The cucmbers and zucchini are pretty much done.  A note to self for next year: plant the zucchini further apart so you don’t miss fruit when picking.  The monster zucchini in this picture is the second of these we’ve had this year.  The funny thing is that they sound like a melon when you tap them. 

August Garden by you.

Now that I’m feeling better, this weekend is going to  be filled with salsa making and other canning.  I have a ton of peppers, so I want to make some pepper jelly, pickle some peppers, and I found a hot sauce recipe.  So, I’m really looking forward to this weekend to spend time cooking, with the windows open, and breating in the fresh air.  Happy weekend!