I’ve been pretty absent around here lately.  This has simply been one of the busiest summers we’ve had (I’m sure they’ll only get more and more packed). One of the highlights of the summer was my work trip to New Orleans in July.  I’d never been there, and I had a blast.  

It was hot!  I know Missouri in July is hot and humid, but the air was so close it was difficult to breath at times.  However, this didn’t slow us down too much.  The crew that went on the trip were great to travel with.  We stayed just off Bourbon Street and walked almost everywhere.  We stayed up way too late and had way too much fun.  Here are some of my favorite pictures.  Oh and if you’re wondering,the close up is of beignetsfrom Cafe Du Monde at 10:00 on Friday evening before we left.  They were fabulous and of course I had to buy a package of beignet mix and coffee with chicory. 

Beignets  Bill, Marc, Me, Kristina   Uniformed Officers Day 3  Me, Marc, and Kristina  Uniformed Officers Day 1  Me  Kristina  Uniformed Officers Day 4