Leinenkugel's Grounds by you.

This picture has no relevance to the post, I just find it peaceful.  This was taken on our recent trip to the Leinenkugel’s brewery in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. 

Two nights ago the ancient TV in our bedroom went out.  Those who know Mitch and I know that this TV has been a bone of contention in the bedroom since our marriage.  Mitch prefers to go to sleep to silence, but I got in the, admittedly, bad habit of needing to go to sleep with the TV on.  I enjoyed going to bed to shows on channels like History, Discovery, National Geographic, etc.  The noise drove Mitch crazy. 

Imagine my dismay when two nights ago the screen started rolling and to turn off the TV I had to unplug it.  My stomach sunk.  We tried it again last night, but couldn’t even get the set to turn on.  The funny thing is that a lamp doesn’t bother Mitch when going to sleep.  So I read a couple of chapters in my book, and easily went to sleep. 

This morning I woke up rested and said to Mitch, “Hey, why don’t we try no TV in the bedroom for a while.”  He was more than willing to entertain the idea.  We’ll see how tonight goes.  This will certainly help me reach my goal to read 10 books for the year.  Like I said in the title, blessing in disguise.