Tabasco Peppers by you.

We still have peppers coming out of our ears from the garden.  The jalapeno is on it’s 4th bloom, although these peppers are just a little smaller than the others have been.  The tabasco is still going nuts. 

Tabasco Peppers by you.

Then what do you do with loads of habanero and tabasco peppers; more than you can ever use in salsa? 

Hot Sauce by you.

You make homemade hot sauce (great to add into ketchup for a little extra kick).  Or,

Drying Habaneros by you.

you dry them (later uses to be determined). 

I’ve also canned some salsa.  What is great is that all the produce in the salsa, except the onion and 4 garlic cloves, came from our garden.  I’ve really enjoyed having a garden.  I already have plans to expand in size and variety next year. 

Salsa Cooking by you.