Gaby and Mama by you.

After our rain out last year, we went to the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival again this year.  Honestly, I’m kind of over it now.  Yeah, we got some cute pictures of the kids, but really it’s not my thing.  There are too many people, you can’t really let the kids run around, and did I mention there are too many people.  Each year the tiny river town of Hartsburg anticipates 30,000 people for the festival. 

We went this year with Tasha, Julia, Cody (aka Little Cody); Melissa, Blake, Grant; Linda; and Jess, Cody (Big Cody), and their newborn Colton.  The parking was different this year, so we had this horrendous walk through a corn field and a gravel road with wagons and strollers. 

The Long Walk by you.

The white area in the middle, left of the picture is our destination. 

We Finally Made It by you.

OK, now it’s in sight.

We got to the piles of pumpkins and let the kids out to play. 

Queen of the Hill by you.

Grant, Julia, and Blake

Climb by you.


Gaby by you.

One of the few where she was sitting still.

Grant by you.

Grant, with the moms in the background snapping pictures.

Blake by you.


Julia by you.


The Pumpkin is Bigger than Cody by you.


Child of the Corn by you.

Peek-a-boo in the corn maze.

Isn't that Gaby's Hat? by you.

Anything to keep him happy well past lunch on the ride home. 

The Girls by you.

What, I hope, will be the first of many pictures of these girls posing. 

Oh, and by the way, we didn’t buy a single pumpkin at the festival.  Next year, I’ll just add pumpkins to the list of items to plant in the garden and we’ll have our own pumpkin patch.