Wow, it has been a long time since my last post.  Work is getting busy again and I started a 9-week class, so my time is again at a premium.  I figured it was time for an update on my 30 When I’m 30 list.  You know, keep myself accountable. 

Here goes: Thirty Things To Do When I’m Thirty

  1. Grow a garden without killing everything I did it! 
  2. Sew at least 3 items of clothing for myself that are wearable None yet
  3. Sew at least 3 items of clothing for Gaby that are wearable None yet
  4. Paint more (and I don’t mean our home) I’m working on this one
  5. Catch up Gaby’s scrapbook Still behind
  6. Give more handmade gifts This one’s going well, check back in after Christmas
  7. Run 1/2 marathon Walked it, but done.  On the schedule for next year too 
  8. Keep blog updated Clearly this one isn’t going so well
  9. Send 3 items off for publication  (poems/stories/articles/etc) Nothing even written yet
  10. Make time at least 4 times a week for something creative Does thinking about it count?
  11. Read 10 books that aren’t work or school related I’ve got four done
  12. Eat out less Small steps here, but we’re going in the right direction
  13. Lose at least 15 pounds I’ve put on a couple pounds.  It’s time to get serious about losing weight
  14. Organize and keep organized craft area Marginally improved
  15. De-clutter house This is planned for Thanksgiving weekend
  16. Teach myself to knit I’ve started
  17. Make something that isn’t from a pattern by someone else Not yet, I only have some drawings
  18. Put family favorite recipes into a book Still organizing them
  19. Paint Christmas china I need to get going if I’m going to have it ready to use for Christmas.  Any good ideas where I can get pictures for the 12 Days of Christmas to work off of? 
  20. Write business plan Still need to do this one
  21. Create Etsy account and sell something Not yet
  22. Get more active in the crafting community OK, I’m still lurking around other blogs.  I seriously need to make more comments on others’ blogs and post them in my blogroll
  23. Sew another item for a contest After Christmas gifts are done
  24. Entertain more We are doing this one.  Most recently, the annual Green Chicken and Dumplings Dinner
  25. Try to figure out what I want to do when I grow up Nope
  26. Then figure out how to make it happen Again, nope
  27. Journal about 1/2 marathon training for writing later Since I failed to train, I’ll have to journal after the first of the year for the 2009 1/2 marathon
  28. Keep a daily journal I really need to do this one
  29. Take more pictures, not just of Gaby I’ve not been the greatest about this either
  30. Realize I can do all of the above if I don’t get in my own way I know I can; I just need to do it

So, as you can see I’ve made some progress.  I just need to keep on myself about this stuff.  I’d like to have everything crossed off next July and a new list to work on.  Wish me luck!