December 2008

I have a super busy weekend to get ready for Christmas. Here’s my list in no particular order. 

  1. Finish decorating the tree (nope it’s not done yet, blame my class this term)
  2. Finish Christmas shopping
  3. Dinner Friday night with Mitch’s family (his grandma is down for Christmas)
  4. Start handmade Christmas gifts (yes, you read it right–start them)
  5. Do some household and Christmas baking
  6. Don’t go crazy in the meantime

Wish me luck!


We had a horrible ice storm. 

Some of the sights were beautiful.

Some of the sights were beautiful.

Our backyard, not so beautiful.

Our backyard, not so beautiful.

We were without power for two days, not bad compared to thousands of other people.  Our trees were severely damaged, to the point that we decided to cut two of the huge maples down in the back yard to make more room for the play set.  All in all we were very lucky.

Question: What do you do when your mommy makes you a nice floor pillow with a huge pocket? 

Goodnight Princesses by you.

Answer: You collect all your princesses, Barbies, and fairies and then put them to sleep. 

I opened the door to the spare room that has been converted to the playroom and found that Gaby had put all her dolls in the pocket of the pillow I made her.  So sweet.  That’s my girl.  She is getting so big.  The first picture below was taken 10/07 and the second picture was taken 11/08, only 1 year between the two.  She is definitely no longer a baby, she’s a little big girl.  She uses her imagination in the funniest ways and loves anything art related (just like her mommy).  What a joy! 

Smile by you.

My Girl by you.