Question: What do you do when your mommy makes you a nice floor pillow with a huge pocket? 

Goodnight Princesses by you.

Answer: You collect all your princesses, Barbies, and fairies and then put them to sleep. 

I opened the door to the spare room that has been converted to the playroom and found that Gaby had put all her dolls in the pocket of the pillow I made her.  So sweet.  That’s my girl.  She is getting so big.  The first picture below was taken 10/07 and the second picture was taken 11/08, only 1 year between the two.  She is definitely no longer a baby, she’s a little big girl.  She uses her imagination in the funniest ways and loves anything art related (just like her mommy).  What a joy! 

Smile by you.

My Girl by you.