Another overdue post.  I made close to half of the gifts we gave to family this year.  This is a feat of which I am proud and hope to improve upon next year.  Since I didn’t start early enough and worked my tail off for an A in the masters class that wrapped up a week before Christmas, I didn’t leave myself much time for my projects.  Starting the Sunday before Christmas, my bedtimes were as follows: 12:30, 1:00, 2:00, and 3:30.  I also took two afternoons off work.  Not to sleep–to craft.  However, I’m really, really happy with the results.  The only picture that isn’t include is my mother-in-law’s gift.  It is a family tree that I am still working on finishing.  I wasn’t happy with pictures I had in my files.  (These pictures aren’t the best.  I so want a DSLR camera.)  So, this is what everyone received:

Chad, the football/basketball coach got a school logo painted on canvas.

Chad's Gift by you.

My dad the Nebraska football fan, received a Huskers logo painted on canvas.

Dad's Gift by you.

Mitch’s sister Melissa, received silhouettes of her boys.  Grant’s favorite color is orange, so his background had to be orange.  Blake was wearing a blue shirt in the picture I took of him, so I thought this would be a nice compliment to the orange. 

Melissa's Gift Con't by you.

Melissa's Gift by you.

Jessie received Amy Butler lounge pants in some of the softest purple fabric.  I also got her a book that I loved reading. 

Jessie's Gift by you.

Finally, Missy received kitchen towels and a matching apron.  So cute, I have to make this pattern for myself.  It’s from Amy Butler’s In Stitches

Missy's Gift by you.