Those of you who know me well accept my addiction to fondness for fountain Diet Coke. However, when it’s 2 degrees in the morning I get strange looks walking into work with my bucket of soda. Don’t get me wrong I really like coffee too, but I don’t want to try 15 varieties to find one I like and the stuff from the store just doesn’t do it for me flavor-wise. Plus, I know what I like.


Just look at that green and white awning, I think I’m salivating right now.  So, this morning, I ordered two cans of the coffee with chicory because Mitch and I love it.  I think we went through the can I brought back from New Orleans in about 3 weeks, in August, and that was rationing it.  I am craving that dark nutty flavor, and even with shipping it was cheaper than two bags of Starbucks coffee.  Cafe Du Monde regular coffee with chicory, I can’t wait until you get here.