Gab: Hey, Mommy!

Me: Yes?

Gab: Missy comin’ over.

Me: Really, Missy’s coming over? That’s right, she might come over on Friday.

Gab: She bringin’ domamoes. (I guess dominoes is a mouth-full for my two-year-old.)

Me: OK, maybe she’ll bring her dominoes.

Gab: Missy kind of gorgeous. 

Me: Missy’s kind of gorgeous?

Gab: Yes, Missy kind of gorgeous. 

Cue uncontrolled laughter from Mitch and I, a hug for Gaby, and a call to Missy to fill her in on Gaby’s plan for the weekend.  With Missy moving to Oklahoma, we will definitely have to plan a trip in June when session is over and she’s settled in her new place. 

Gaby and Missy by you.