arch in sunset by you.

I took this shot driving into St. Louis last weekend.  Mom, Jessie, Missy, and I drove up there for our girls’ weekend.  We had a lot of fun.  First on the agenda was looking at wedding and bridesmaid dresses for Missy.  This was a fun and mostly successful trip. 

Then we did some shopping at the Frontenac Plaza.  I could have really done some damage at Sur la Table and Williams Sonoma; however, I practiced some restraint and only picked up items we needed.  (Oh, and a cookbook I’ve been eyeing for months.)  We then had to book it to check into the hotel, make our dinner reservations, and make the play. 

Girls' Weekend by you.

We ate dinner at a fusion tapas restaurant called Mosaic.  It was so good.  I described it to Mitch as a meal made up with Quick Fire Challenges from Top Chef.  It was fabulous chick food, and the sangria was yummy too. 

Outside of the Fox by you.

Please excuse the out of focus picture, we were almost running to get into the theatre with time to use the ladies room.  The play was good.  We saw Legally Blond this year.  I think we all agreed, it was good and very, very pink.  However, it was no Wicked

Great Breakfast by you.

We found this place for breakfast called Rooster.  The food was outstanding.  I ordered a crepe filled with German-style sausage, cooked apples, and white cheddar cheese.  It was a little spicy and had a great sweet/salty combination.  So good.  I tried to get some food pictures, but again I was having some camera issues. 

What a Ham by you.

So Big by you.

Near the Arch Entrance by you.

Then we walked off (at least that’s what we told ourselves) our breakfast walking to the Arch.  I can’t wait for Gaby to be old enough to go with us on our girls’ weekends.  This was so much fun!  I can’t wait for the next one.