The weather this weekend was just like spring.  Winter is my least favorite time of year.  I never get the full on seasonal affective disorder business; however, after about three weeks of winter, I’m done.  I’m sick of the cold.  I’m sick of the dormant plants and trees.  And although the majority of my wardrobe is gray, I’m sick of gray.  So, when the weather hit the 60s and 70s this weekend, we made the most of it. 

Flip Flop Weather by you.

Pardon the pale feet, but I had to break out the flip flops.  We grilled dinner outside for my parents and Missy on Friday night,  kept the windows open all day, and spent a lot of time swinging and sliding.  Come on spring!  The Green’s are ready for you! 

Smile in the Sunset by you.

Wanna Play Bubbles? by you.

Gaby and Ike Playing by you.

Almost Spring by you.