Hello everyone.  I’m back.  I needed a break from most everything plugged in for a while.  The legislative session was very busy this year and then with the whole foot surgery thing, I just needed a break. 

This has been a busy summer.  Aside from the previously mentioned items, we’ve been to Gulf Shores, AL with Mitch’s family.  Long drive with a 3-year-old, but we had a good time.  I get to have a couple long weekends with Gaby coming up, so Linda can have a babysitting break.  Mitch and I are going on a float trip with some friends.  And I’m going to try and fit in visits with the sisters.  Oh, and we are having another half-marathon girls weekend in October with more runners this year.  We are going to be busy. 

I’ve got some crafting projects to work on and need to start on Christmas gifts.  Life is great right now. 

Please anticipate more frequent posting from here on because we are busy and have lots to show for it.  Happy summer everyone!