Mitch and I are going on a float trip this weekend.  After one of the most temperate JulysI can remember, summer will be back with a vengence just in time for a camping/float trip.  It should be fun though. There are about 13 people going, and the mix of different personalities should be OK. 

Then the following two weekends I’m taking Gaby for visits withher aunts.  I can’t believe I haven’t seen Jessie since our weekend in St. Louis.  I’m very excited to see her! Then we’ll head down to Oklahoma City for a quick weekend with Missy.  I’m excited to see how she’s doing, what her appartment looks like, and catch up face-to-face.

We are going to be going and going.  Plus, our friend’s have their c-section scheduled on the 18th.  So, there will be a new baby Kollmeyer around. 

Finally, the garden is really starting to come in.  I fully expect tons of tomatoes and cucumbers when we get back from floating.  I made a batch of tomato sauce last night to use a few before they went bad.  I’m really happy with the vegetables we decided to use this year.  I’ll do one post that is reserved for garden issues because we have a lot this year. 

Look forward to lots of pictures and posts from all the festivities we have planned.


Hello everyone.  I’m back.  I needed a break from most everything plugged in for a while.  The legislative session was very busy this year and then with the whole foot surgery thing, I just needed a break. 

This has been a busy summer.  Aside from the previously mentioned items, we’ve been to Gulf Shores, AL with Mitch’s family.  Long drive with a 3-year-old, but we had a good time.  I get to have a couple long weekends with Gaby coming up, so Linda can have a babysitting break.  Mitch and I are going on a float trip with some friends.  And I’m going to try and fit in visits with the sisters.  Oh, and we are having another half-marathon girls weekend in October with more runners this year.  We are going to be busy. 

I’ve got some crafting projects to work on and need to start on Christmas gifts.  Life is great right now. 

Please anticipate more frequent posting from here on because we are busy and have lots to show for it.  Happy summer everyone!

Sorry for the unexpected blog break. I have a feeling that as long as I work at the Capitol springtime blogging is going to be rare. Session is over. I survived another year, and this one was a crazy one. 12 of my bills passed, so that’s pretty exciting. It was a good session. The good news is I’m back.

Bad news is I’d been having some pretty bad heel pain. Went to the doctor and he told me I had a heel spur that would need to be surgically removed. I had than done today. I’m going to need crutches for the next 10 days, a real sexy black moon boot for at least 3 weeks, and the potential for limited daily activities for 3-6 weeks. Yuck!

But the garden is pretty much in and doing pretty good. The family is good. And I’m looking forward to a great interim this year. Regular updating will resume shortly. I have lots if updates for you.

So, I pretty much spent last week unplugged; therefore, no blog update.  I took some decent pictures, but since I was off work I didn’t have the motivation to sit behind the computer and edit pictures.  (Plus I think our monitor has blown a color tube, and I can’t tell which colors are which.  The computer is almost 10 years old and won’t die, but we’ve gone through two monitors now.) 

I cleaned house, cooked real food, played with Gaby, and worked in the garden.  It was a great and well-needed week off work.  Now the craziness at work ensues.  The final eight weeks of session will be grueling, starting with this week.  I just have to remember that the prize is time off this summer.  Eyes on the prize, Ang.  Eyes on the prize.

The weather this weekend was just like spring.  Winter is my least favorite time of year.  I never get the full on seasonal affective disorder business; however, after about three weeks of winter, I’m done.  I’m sick of the cold.  I’m sick of the dormant plants and trees.  And although the majority of my wardrobe is gray, I’m sick of gray.  So, when the weather hit the 60s and 70s this weekend, we made the most of it. 

Flip Flop Weather by you.

Pardon the pale feet, but I had to break out the flip flops.  We grilled dinner outside for my parents and Missy on Friday night,  kept the windows open all day, and spent a lot of time swinging and sliding.  Come on spring!  The Green’s are ready for you! 

Smile in the Sunset by you.

Wanna Play Bubbles? by you.

Gaby and Ike Playing by you.

Almost Spring by you.

arch in sunset by you.

I took this shot driving into St. Louis last weekend.  Mom, Jessie, Missy, and I drove up there for our girls’ weekend.  We had a lot of fun.  First on the agenda was looking at wedding and bridesmaid dresses for Missy.  This was a fun and mostly successful trip. 

Then we did some shopping at the Frontenac Plaza.  I could have really done some damage at Sur la Table and Williams Sonoma; however, I practiced some restraint and only picked up items we needed.  (Oh, and a cookbook I’ve been eyeing for months.)  We then had to book it to check into the hotel, make our dinner reservations, and make the play. 

Girls' Weekend by you.

We ate dinner at a fusion tapas restaurant called Mosaic.  It was so good.  I described it to Mitch as a meal made up with Quick Fire Challenges from Top Chef.  It was fabulous chick food, and the sangria was yummy too. 

Outside of the Fox by you.

Please excuse the out of focus picture, we were almost running to get into the theatre with time to use the ladies room.  The play was good.  We saw Legally Blond this year.  I think we all agreed, it was good and very, very pink.  However, it was no Wicked

Great Breakfast by you.

We found this place for breakfast called Rooster.  The food was outstanding.  I ordered a crepe filled with German-style sausage, cooked apples, and white cheddar cheese.  It was a little spicy and had a great sweet/salty combination.  So good.  I tried to get some food pictures, but again I was having some camera issues. 

What a Ham by you.

So Big by you.

Near the Arch Entrance by you.

Then we walked off (at least that’s what we told ourselves) our breakfast walking to the Arch.  I can’t wait for Gaby to be old enough to go with us on our girls’ weekends.  This was so much fun!  I can’t wait for the next one.

St. Louis, here we come! Mom, Jess, Missy, and I leave in the morning for a short weekend trip to the Fox Theater for a play and wedding dress shopping for Missy. I think Mitch is looking forward to some time with his little girl. This should be a fun weekend! I’ll take lots of pictures.

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