Mitch and I are going on a float trip this weekend.  After one of the most temperate JulysI can remember, summer will be back with a vengence just in time for a camping/float trip.  It should be fun though. There are about 13 people going, and the mix of different personalities should be OK. 

Then the following two weekends I’m taking Gaby for visits withher aunts.  I can’t believe I haven’t seen Jessie since our weekend in St. Louis.  I’m very excited to see her! Then we’ll head down to Oklahoma City for a quick weekend with Missy.  I’m excited to see how she’s doing, what her appartment looks like, and catch up face-to-face.

We are going to be going and going.  Plus, our friend’s have their c-section scheduled on the 18th.  So, there will be a new baby Kollmeyer around. 

Finally, the garden is really starting to come in.  I fully expect tons of tomatoes and cucumbers when we get back from floating.  I made a batch of tomato sauce last night to use a few before they went bad.  I’m really happy with the vegetables we decided to use this year.  I’ll do one post that is reserved for garden issues because we have a lot this year. 

Look forward to lots of pictures and posts from all the festivities we have planned.


So, I pretty much spent last week unplugged; therefore, no blog update.  I took some decent pictures, but since I was off work I didn’t have the motivation to sit behind the computer and edit pictures.  (Plus I think our monitor has blown a color tube, and I can’t tell which colors are which.  The computer is almost 10 years old and won’t die, but we’ve gone through two monitors now.) 

I cleaned house, cooked real food, played with Gaby, and worked in the garden.  It was a great and well-needed week off work.  Now the craziness at work ensues.  The final eight weeks of session will be grueling, starting with this week.  I just have to remember that the prize is time off this summer.  Eyes on the prize, Ang.  Eyes on the prize.

Tabasco Peppers by you.

We still have peppers coming out of our ears from the garden.  The jalapeno is on it’s 4th bloom, although these peppers are just a little smaller than the others have been.  The tabasco is still going nuts. 

Tabasco Peppers by you.

Then what do you do with loads of habanero and tabasco peppers; more than you can ever use in salsa? 

Hot Sauce by you.

You make homemade hot sauce (great to add into ketchup for a little extra kick).  Or,

Drying Habaneros by you.

you dry them (later uses to be determined). 

I’ve also canned some salsa.  What is great is that all the produce in the salsa, except the onion and 4 garlic cloves, came from our garden.  I’ve really enjoyed having a garden.  I already have plans to expand in size and variety next year. 

Salsa Cooking by you.

These pictures were taken last week between sick days.  This summer cold business has been tough on me and Gaby.  With all the rain and moderate weather we’ve had, the tomatoes just haven’t stopped. 

August Tomatoes by you.

The cucmbers and zucchini are pretty much done.  A note to self for next year: plant the zucchini further apart so you don’t miss fruit when picking.  The monster zucchini in this picture is the second of these we’ve had this year.  The funny thing is that they sound like a melon when you tap them. 

August Garden by you.

Now that I’m feeling better, this weekend is going to  be filled with salsa making and other canning.  I have a ton of peppers, so I want to make some pepper jelly, pickle some peppers, and I found a hot sauce recipe.  So, I’m really looking forward to this weekend to spend time cooking, with the windows open, and breating in the fresh air.  Happy weekend!

So far, so good on the garden growing.  We had an extreme amount of rain this spring so it looks like our zucchini are going to suffer, but the herbs, peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes are doing well.  We will, of course, can some salsa this year, but I think I’ll be able to make some pickles too.  This is the first tomato from the garden, an Early Girl.  She’s not that pretty and I picked her early because we have some rabbit issues.  If she tastes as good as the cucumbers do, then we’re in business!

The best things about having a garden:

  1. Mitch has decided he’ll eat fresh cucumbers in vinegar since they are close to pickles that way
  2. Home grown cucumbers are super sweet and are even better when sliced just off the vine
  3. My daughter actually ate a couple of cucumber slices.  We think it is because she is able to watch us working in the garden, pick the vegetables, and slice them after bringing them in
  4. Gardening is an activity Mitch and I can enjoy together

We are already planning on a larger garden next year with more vegetables and possibly some fruit.