Sorry for the unexpected blog break. I have a feeling that as long as I work at the Capitol springtime blogging is going to be rare. Session is over. I survived another year, and this one was a crazy one. 12 of my bills passed, so that’s pretty exciting. It was a good session. The good news is I’m back.

Bad news is I’d been having some pretty bad heel pain. Went to the doctor and he told me I had a heel spur that would need to be surgically removed. I had than done today. I’m going to need crutches for the next 10 days, a real sexy black moon boot for at least 3 weeks, and the potential for limited daily activities for 3-6 weeks. Yuck!

But the garden is pretty much in and doing pretty good. The family is good. And I’m looking forward to a great interim this year. Regular updating will resume shortly. I have lots if updates for you.


So, I pretty much spent last week unplugged; therefore, no blog update.  I took some decent pictures, but since I was off work I didn’t have the motivation to sit behind the computer and edit pictures.  (Plus I think our monitor has blown a color tube, and I can’t tell which colors are which.  The computer is almost 10 years old and won’t die, but we’ve gone through two monitors now.) 

I cleaned house, cooked real food, played with Gaby, and worked in the garden.  It was a great and well-needed week off work.  Now the craziness at work ensues.  The final eight weeks of session will be grueling, starting with this week.  I just have to remember that the prize is time off this summer.  Eyes on the prize, Ang.  Eyes on the prize.

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted here.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had much time for recreational computer use, evidence by the 1000+ new posts on Google Reader.  One great thing about working for the state legislature is that I get spring break again.  In previous years, I’ve only taken a few days off.  This year, I’m taking off all next week!  I’m sending Gaby to the babysitter for two days so I can get some serious spring cleaning done.  I’m actually looking forward to this.  So, look for some updates as to what we’ve been up to lately.

St. Louis, here we come! Mom, Jess, Missy, and I leave in the morning for a short weekend trip to the Fox Theater for a play and wedding dress shopping for Missy. I think Mitch is looking forward to some time with his little girl. This should be a fun weekend! I’ll take lots of pictures.

Jessie, Kristina, and I are signing up for another half marathon. This one is March 28th in Olathe, KS. Since I had to walk the last one, I only have room to improve, right? Here’s to more running!

Mitch and I have had many conversations recently about our household.  We agree that we need to simplify our home.  We eat out too much; which is not only unhealthy, but it also depletes the bank account.  So, one of our efforts has been cooking at home more.  We both love to cook and often we find that what we’ve made tastes better than anything we would have ordered carryout. 

Last weekend I made beef and noodles, with homemade egg noodles.  Here is a picture of the noodles drying.  The mixing, kneading, rolling, and slicing was so relaxing that I had to take a picture of the process. 




We also like to try new meals.  So when our Egyptian neighbor moved in, we’ve had the opportunity to share meals.  He has brought over kofta and I’ve made fried chicken with all the sides.  Since the kofta dinner, Mitch has wanted to try his hand at it.  I found a recipe for a pita-type bread (that is easy and very, very good).  Then we both looked for kofta and tahina(sauce) recipes.  Our neighbor did inform Mitch that this was more of a Turkish variety of kofta rather than Egyptian because it uses different spices.  Here are some pictures of the meal.  Now I can’t wait to make this in the summer with fresh vegetables.  Ah, only a few more months. 




Those of you who know me well accept my addiction to fondness for fountain Diet Coke. However, when it’s 2 degrees in the morning I get strange looks walking into work with my bucket of soda. Don’t get me wrong I really like coffee too, but I don’t want to try 15 varieties to find one I like and the stuff from the store just doesn’t do it for me flavor-wise. Plus, I know what I like.


Just look at that green and white awning, I think I’m salivating right now.  So, this morning, I ordered two cans of the coffee with chicory because Mitch and I love it.  I think we went through the can I brought back from New Orleans in about 3 weeks, in August, and that was rationing it.  I am craving that dark nutty flavor, and even with shipping it was cheaper than two bags of Starbucks coffee.  Cafe Du Monde regular coffee with chicory, I can’t wait until you get here.

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